Thoughts on Statues

By Tom Patras


“Many” of the statues in the United States and around the world represent people who did “some good” things with their lives…but “ALL” statues represent people who did some bad (and in many cases truly evil) things with their lives.

Since every person who has lived, is living, or will ever live is flawed (with the exception of Jesus Christ), perhaps we should consider a national ban on erecting new statues. And, perhaps we should remove ALL existing statues. Personally, I don’t have a problem with either of these ideas. Statues can easily become graven images (idols, objects of worship) for human beings. Even statues of Jesus, which represent a perfect life lived, become idols when people pray to them and treat them as if the object itself has any power.

On the other hand, human beings are prone towards forgetfulness and statues can (if they are presented properly) prevent us from forgetting the lessons of history…both good and bad. They can provide salient reminders of people who have commited atrocities and help us avoid going down the same path; and they can remind us of…and inspire us to emulate…those who have done great things for humanity.

That said, we are a nation of law and order (or at least that’s what we were founded to be) and if the majority of Americans want certain statues removed, or ALL of them removed, then individual states and the federal government should put through legislation to make it happen. Law and order falls apart when we allow people to destroy and deface public property at will (and without consequence) simply because a particular statue offends them…OR because they have misinformation about a particular person that a statue represents…OR because they are an anarchist who could care less about the statue but just want to foment confusion and anger.

However, if we are going to allow the current lawlessness to continue unchecked and without consequences, can someone in New York City please pull down the statues of Communist revolutionaries Vladimir Lenin (also in Seattle) and Che Guevara? I’m not sure which of the atrocities these men commited are worthy of being memorialized? And, can we please tear down the statues of Lucifer (aka Satan) that are popping up around the United States? Satan is after all, the father of all evil, the father of lies, the deceiver, the divider, the prince of darkness…the author of racism.

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